Become a Foster Parent

Requirements & Responsibilities to be a Resource parent

RFA’s provide the parenting services of Abrazo Foster Family Agency and shall be responsible for:

1. Participating with the child in out of home activities.
2. Participating w/agencies and others in planning for the needs of the child.
3. Ensuring that the child is provided training in personal cleanliness and hygiene.
4. Making provisions for the child to attend available community treatment or training programs when the child has needs.
5. Participating in training and activities that will increase the RFA’s own understanding of, and skill in, caring for these children.
6. Participating in establishing the service needs of the child that will be identified in the Needs and Services Plan, and helping them meet those needs.
7. Assisting the child in developing goals and encouraging him/her to reach those goals.
8. Basic services within and out of the home to include transportation to visitations, meetings, and all medical appointments..
9. Being regularly present in the home when children are in the home.
10. When the RFA is absent from the home while children are present, the RFA shall provide for supervision of the children by a responsible adult who has received all required training and    clearances. Furthermore this information must be on file at Abrazo.
11. Ensuring that a child does NOT HAVE TO baby-sit any other children residing in the home, i.e., biological, guardianship, and other children in placement.

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You can be single, married, or partnered.
  • You must have a sufficient income (this can include income from social security or other forms of assistance) to support your life style.
  • You must have background check clearances (Department of Justice(DOJ), Child Abuse Index, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Megan’s Law).
  • You must have a residence with a bedroom for a child (two children per bedroom, a Resource child can share a room with your child).
  • Your home must meet the state of California Resource home safety requirements.
  • You must have a Health Report, TB clearance and you must become First Aid/CPR certified.
  • You must complete the Pride Certification Training Course and the Trauma Course.
  • If you own or rent your residence it must be insured. Your vehicle must be insured, and a DMV printout must be on file (although it is not required that you own a vehicle).
  • Any other adults residing in your home must have the following on file with the agency:
    • California ID or California Driver’s License
    • Background clearances
    • Physician’s Health Report & TB clearance


In addition to making a firm commitment to a child in need, resource parents must possess the desire for personal growth. Resource children need love, structure, and consistency in their lives. Resource parents can be individuals or couples — diverse in age, education, ethnicity and family composition. Resource families must meet approval requirements of the State of California. Resource parents must attend our training, participate in a home study and pass a standard home inspection. In addition, all adults in your home must be fingerprinted, tested for TB, and trained in CPR and First-aid to become Resource Family Approved (RFA).